The PASS Book Readers Virtual Chapter is a book club focused on SQL Server or related data technology.

Current Meeting

  • Sep 17th, 2014, 12pm Pacific - 1 hour

  • GoToWebinar ID: 100-263-187

  • Learn JavaScript Properly Part 2

    Buy this book: Professional JavaScript for Web Developers

  • Do Weeks 1 - 4 before our next meeting

  • YouTube - Learn JavaScript Properly

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  • We need a filler course before we do SQL Performance Tuning with Grant Fritchey. His new book won't be out until the fall, so we're going to learn something completely new before we go back to Microsoft SQL Server.

    I'm excited to announce our next topic: Absolute Beginner Javascript

    We're doing JavaScript for anyone....even if you've never written code in your life. We think that existing DBAs will enjoy learning another language.

    This track is going to be a little more high pressure than previous tracks, because we want you to learn JavaScript in only eight week. I'm super excited about this. I hope you are, too!

    We are going to follow this blog post exactly:

    Learn JavaScript Properly

    Buy this book: Professional JavaScript for Web Developers

    Here is our schedule:

    August 19th: Start Beginner JavaScript course

    September 16th: Complete first half of Beginner JavaScript course

    October 21st: Complete last half of Beginner JavaScript course

    November 18th: Start Grant Fritchey's new book for SQL Server 2014.

    Look forward to seeing you!